Dr. Donald E. Battle – Christian Theologian

Reverend Dr. Donald E. Battle, D.D., B.Th. – Christology Scholar, Theologian, Ordained Minister, Bible Teacher, and Apologist. He graduated from the International Seminary with academic honor in the year 1983. His thesis was entitled, the Divinity of Jesus Christ. He devoted over twenty years of Biblical research on the Lord Jesus Christ. Afterwards, Dr. Battle was inspired by the Scriptures of 1st. Corinthians 2:7-8, to author the Christology: Jesus the Lord of Glory. Dr. Battle is author, editor, and scholar of the first edition Jesus Christ Study Bible: New Testament and Christology (Theology). Dr. Donald E. Battle is an expert on the Divinity of Jesus Christ. His teaching of Christology and Theology are respected by Theologians, Pastors, and Teachers.

Serving the Lord for over 32 years and ministering to thousands…
The purpose of the Ministry is threefold:
1) Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.
2) Edify, Equip, and Educate the Believer and the public.
3) To lead people into the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I died in my sleep in the year 1981: I was sleeping in bed next to my wife, who was sound asleep. I awoke while having difficulty breathing, and then I experience my spirit leaving my body. I look down on my body as I ascended up through a tunnel of light into the third Heavens. The time of travel was only a few seconds. Then I was in Heaven knelt before the Lord Jesus Christ. I saw Glory shining from His face; it was brighter than the Sun. I was awestruck! The Lord Jesus spoke to me about my life, and then He gave me my Ministry Commission: Jesus told me to tell the people all about Him, Preach and Teach. Then Lord Jesus sent my spirit back through a tunnel of light, down to Earth. Then I entered my body on my bed, and Jesus brought me back to life. I immediately got up and knelt next to my bed and worship the Lord until daybreak.



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